Music PlayLists
      1. I'm With You Album Let Go

      2. Complicated Album Let Go

      3. Don't tell me Album Under My Skin

      4. My Happy Ending Album Under My Skin

      5. Sk8er Boi Album Let Go

      6. Rock N Roll Album Avril Lavigne

      7. Bite Me Album Love Sux

      8. Head Above Water

      9. Here's To Never Growing Up Album Avril Lavigne

      10. What The Hell Album Goodbye Lullaby

      11. Love It When You Hate Me

      12. Girlfriend Album The Best Damn Thing

      13. When You're Gone Album The Best Damn Thing

      14. Tomorrow Album Let Go

      15. Losing Grip Album Let Go

      16. Unwanted Album Let Go

      17. Mobile Album Let Go

      18. Innocence Album The Best Damn Thing

      19. Nobody's home Album Under My Skin

      20. Fall To Pieces Album Under My Skin

      21. Naked Album Let Go

      22. Keep Holding On Album The Best Damn Thing

      23. Slipped Away Album Under My Skin

      24. Who knows Album Under My Skin

      25. Forgotten Album Under My Skin

      26. Anything But Ordinary Album Let Go

      27. Together Album Under My Skin

      28. Hot Album The Best Damn Thing

      29. Things I'll Never Say Album Let Go

      30. Nobody's Fool Album Let Go

      31. The Best Damn Thing Album The Best Damn Thing

      32. Take Me Away Album Under My Skin

      33. How Does It Feel Album Under My Skin

      34. He Wasn't Album Under My Skin

      35. Too Much To Ask Album Let Go

      36. Freak Out Album Under My Skin

      37. My World Album Let Go

      38. Everybody Hurts Album Goodbye Lullaby

      39. Falling Fast Album Avril Lavigne

      40. Not Enough Album Goodbye Lullaby

      41. Sippin' On Sunshine Album Avril Lavigne

      42. Déjà vu Album Love Sux

      43. Darlin' Album Goodbye Lullaby

      44. Runaway Album The Best Damn Thing

      45. I Can Do Better Album The Best Damn Thing

      46. Bois Lie (Ft Machine Gun Kelly) Album Love Sux

      47. Alice (Extended Version) Album Goodbye Lullaby

      48. I Don't Have To Try (I Wear The Pants) Album The Best Damn Thing

      49. Love It When You Hate Me (Ft blackbear) Album Love Sux

      50. Bad Girl (feat. Marilyn Manson) Album Avril Lavigne

      51. Everything Back But You Album The Best Damn Thing

      52. Let Me Go (feat. Chad Kroeger) Album Avril Lavigne

      53. Break Of A Heartache Album Love Sux

      54. I don't give a damn Album Let Go

      55. Black Star Album Goodbye Lullaby

      56. Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending Album Love Sux

      57. Hello Heartache Album Avril Lavigne

      58. 4 Real Album Goodbye Lullaby

      59. I Always Get What I Want Album Under My Skin

      60. Goodbye Album Goodbye Lullaby

      61. Hush Hush Album Avril Lavigne

      62. Push (Acoustic Version) Album Goodbye Lullaby

      63. What The Hell (Acoustic Version) Album Goodbye Lullaby

      64. Dare To Love Me Album Love Sux

      65. Give You What You Like Album Avril Lavigne

      66. 17 Album Avril Lavigne

      67. All I Wanted (Ft Mark Hoppus) Album Love Sux

      68. Wish You Were Here (Versión Acústica) Album Goodbye Lullaby

      69. Wish You Were Here Album Goodbye Lullaby

      70. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet Album Avril Lavigne



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