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      Sunday Girl

      Sunday Girl


      Album: Parallel Lines

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      Blondie - Sunday Girl Música y Letra

      I know a girl from a lonely street
      Cold as ice cream, but still as sweet
      Dry your eyes, Sunday girl
      Hey, I saw your guy with a different girl
      Looks like he's in another world
      Run and hide, Sunday girl
      Hurry up, hurry up and wait
      I stay away all week and still I wait
      I got the blues, please come see
      What your loving means to me
      She can't catch up with the working crowd
      The weekend mood and she's feeling proud
      Live in dreams, Sunday girl
      "Baby, I would like to go out tonight
      If I go with you my folks'll get uptight"
      Stay at home, Sunday girl
      Oooh oooh oooh
      Hé, j'ai vu ton mec avec une autre fille
      Il semblait dans un autre monde
      Cours te cacher, Sunday girl
      Quand je t'ai revu l'e te j'ai de cide
      Si ton amour e tait pareil au mien
      Je pourrais e tre, Sunday girl
      De pe che-toi, de pe che-toi et attends
      Toute la semaine absent et pourtant j'attends
      J'ai le cafard, je t'en prie viens voir
      Ce que ton amour repre sente pour moi [2x]
      I got the blues
      Hurry up!
      Hurry up, hurry up and wait
      Hurry up
      Please come see
      What you're doing to me

      Blondie - Sunday Girl Música y Letra






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