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      I Like Food

      I Like Food


      Album: Somery

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      Descendents - I Like Food Música y Letra

      I looked in her eyes but I can see 
      My place in her's a mystery 
      Struggle, as I try to say 
      The words I know she won't believe 
      Growing tired, of this game 
      I must know, what she wants from me 
      Oh and what, does she say 
      Well I'm beginning to wonder 
      I'm beginning to doubt 
      What kind a spell are you under 
      I can't figure you out 
      Keep your eyes away from me, 
      Leave alone that's what I need 
      Now don't touch me 
      Don't look me in the eye 
      Stay at least a foot away 
      The more I want, the more I sweat 
      The more I blow everything I say 
      You may think I'm bitching now 
      But you'll find out who I really am some day 
      Why don't you give me a sign 
      Walk with me, smile, just let me know 
      Do you like my act? 
      And am I putting on a good show 
      Cause that's all you'll get from me 
      What am I like? 
      Even I don't know 
      They call me a fucking Milo 
      Well I don't see the attraction 
      Your not telling the truth 
      I don't give satisfaction 
      And I won't play those games with you
      I think you're getting to close to me 
      Leave alone that's what I need 
      My mind, is my saving grace 
      My cage, my hiding place, 
      My mind, helps me chose the fate 
      Today a man felt self disgrace 
      My mind, I wish it could erase 
      I've erased 
      Everything but your face 
      Leave your face 
      Oh not a trace 
      Except your face 
      Your face 
      Your face

      Descendents - I Like Food Música y Letra






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