Music PlayLists
      1. Let's Go Die Music by Hüsker Dü

      2. Interview #3 Music by Hüsker Dü

      3. Somewhere Music by Hüsker Dü

      4. Blah, Blah, Blah Music by Hüsker Dü

      5. VCG3 Music by Rx Bandits

      6. March Of The Caterpillar Music by Rx Bandits

      7. Hearts That Hanker For Mistake (Live at Park Ave) Music by Rx Bandits

      8. Mastering The List Music by Rx Bandits

      9. Can t Stand Me Now Music by The Libertines

      10. Arbeit Macht Frei Music by The Libertines

      11. Begging Music by The Libertines

      12. Boys In The Band Music by The Libertines

      13. Ruby Music by Kaiser Chiefs

      14. Can't Mind My Own Business Music by Kaiser Chiefs

      15. Starts With Nothing Music by Kaiser Chiefs

      16. Problem Solved Music by Kaiser Chiefs

      17. Come Out And Play Music by The Offspring

      18. Coming For You Music by The Offspring

      19. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) Music by The Offspring

      20. Original Prankster Music by The Offspring

      21. Possession Music by Mission of Burma

      22. Trem Two Music by Mission of Burma

      23. Laugh The World Away Music by Mission of Burma

      24. Eyes of man Music by Mission of Burma

      25. Continental Shelf Music by Viet Cong

      26. Pointless Experience Music by Viet Cong

      27. Death Music by Viet Cong

      28. Bunker Buster Music by Viet Cong

      29. Silver Rocket Music by Sonic Youth

      30. 100% Music by Sonic Youth

      31. Kool Thing Music by Sonic Youth

      32. Schizophrenia Music by Sonic Youth

      33. The Passenger Music by Iggy Pop

      34. Nightclubbing Music by Iggy Pop

      35. Candy Music by Iggy Pop

      36. Lust For Life Music by Iggy Pop

      37. No Comply Music by The Bouncing Souls

      38. We're Coming Back Music by The Bouncing Souls

      39. Night Train Music by The Bouncing Souls

      40. Digital Twilight Zone Music by The Bouncing Souls

      41. Don't Worry About The Government Music by Talking Heads

      42. Listening Wind Music by Talking Heads

      43. People Like Us Music by Talking Heads

      44. The Great Curve Music by Talking Heads



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