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      Down with the Ship

      Down with the Ship


      Album: Self Entitled

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      NOFX - Down with the Ship Música y Letra

      It could have been helped, it might have been saved
      With me at the helm, I could have found ways
      To keep it afloat and find a new course
      But I steered the ship right into the cliffs
      The easy way out, a cowardly move
      A short sighted plan made by a self-centered man
      The crew stayed with the ship and bailed as one
      They didn't know irreparable damage was done
      They had so much pride and camaraderie
      But that was all lost when they spotted me
      Rowing to shore with treasure on board
      A cowardly plan made by a self loathing man
      Without regrets, without looking back
      I choose to walk on the less beaten sociopath
      With all the spoils of an island of one
      I don't need dynasty, I don't need anyone
      I knew the consequence when I plotted this trip
      I'm not a man who'll go down with the ship

      NOFX - Down with the Ship Música y Letra





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