Music PlayLists
      1. Should I Stay or Should I Go Album Combat Rock

      2. Jimmy Jazz Album London Calling

      3. Rock The Casbah Album Combat Rock

      4. The Guns of Brixton Album London Calling

      5. London Calling Album London Calling

      6. Train in Vain Album London Calling

      7. Janie Jones Album The Clash US

      8. Death or Glory Album London Calling

      9. Police & Thieves Album The Essential

      10. Time Is Tight Album Super Black Market Clash

      11. Train in Vain (Bonus Track) Album The Singles

      12. Cheat Album Black Market Clash

      13. Protex Blue Album The Clash UK

      14. Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) Album Sandinista

      15. Remote Control Album The Clash US

      16. Corner Soul Album Sandinista

      17. Pressure Drop Album Clash On Broadway

      18. Overpowered by funk Album Combat Rock

      19. Capital Radio (Live) Album From Here To Eternity

      20. The Sound Of Sinners Album Sandinista

      21. Fingerpoppin' Album Cut The Crap

      22. This Is Radio Clash Album Super Black Market Clash

      23. Career Opportunities Album The Clash US

      24. The Prisoner Album Black Market Clash

      25. The Magnificent Seven Album Sandinista

      26. Let's Go Crazy Album Sandinista

      27. I Fought The Law (Live) Album From Here To Eternity

      28. White Riot Album The Essential

      29. The Street Parade Album The Essential

      30. Safe European Home Album Clash On Broadway

      31. Hate & War Album The Clash UK

      32. What's My Name Album The Clash US

      33. Clash City Rockers Album The Essential

      34. Clash City Rockers Album Clash On Broadway

      35. Three Card Trick Album Cut The Crap

      36. English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home) Album The Singles

      37. Life Is Wild Album Cut The Crap

      38. Julie's in the Drug Squad Album Give 'Em Enough Rope

      39. Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad Album Give 'Em Enough Rope

      40. Hitsville U.K. Album The Singles

      41. Justice Tonight-Kick It Over Album Super Black Market Clash

      42. English Civil War Album Give 'Em Enough Rope

      43. Police On My Back Album Sandinista

      44. Groovy Times Album Super Black Market Clash

      45. Death is a Star Album Combat Rock

      46. Know Your Rights (Live) Album From Here To Eternity

      47. Garageland Album Clash On Broadway

      48. Bankrobber Album The Essential

      49. First Night Back in London Album Super Black Market Clash

      50. Tommy Gun Album The Essential

      51. Washington Bullets Album Clash On Broadway

      52. White Riot Album The Singles

      53. The Guns Of Brixton (Live) Album From Here To Eternity

      54. I'm Not Down Album London Calling

      55. Junkie Slip Album Sandinista

      56. Junco Partner Album Sandinista

      57. Gates Of The West Album Clash On Broadway

      58. The Street Parade Album Sandinista

      59. Ivan Meets G.I. Joe Album The Essential

      60. This Is England Album The Essential

      61. North And South Album Cut The Crap

      62. Brand New Cadillac Album Clash On Broadway

      63. Mensforth Hill Album Sandinista

      64. Complete Control Album Clash On Broadway

      65. Train In Vain (Live) Album From Here To Eternity

      66. Capital Radio One Album Black Market Clash

      67. Should I Stay Or Should I Go Album The Singles

      68. The Magnificent Seven Album The Singles

      69. Clash City Rockers Album The Singles

      70. London Calling Album Clash On Broadway



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